Slim in 6

Slim in 6

Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is a weight loss program that was developed by Beach Body. Slim in 6 DVD is effectively a fitness plan that is advertised mainly toward women.


Unlike various other fitness regimens, Slim in 6 places a focus on toning the thighs, abs and buttocks. This weight reduction system comes with three workout DVDs, a nutritional guide, online access, a calendar to keep track of progress, a step-by-step success guide and a tape measure to assist you. Slim in six does not engage the ingestion of diet pills.


Slim in 6 tries to support dieters with fat burning, body toning and muscle building fitness routines. To read more reviews from the real users and to achieve the best Slim in 6 results, go to Slim in 6 Reviews.


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Slim in 6 Description

Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in 6 short weeks. The secret is Debbie's exclusive Slim Training technique, which combines fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you slim and sculpt your body without bulking you up! You'll literally shrink your Slim in 6 Videomidsection and get slim, sexy thighs, hips, and arms - all in just 6 WEEKS!

Slim in 6 - Product Details

Slim in Six Features

3 Easy-to-Follow Workouts for Amazing Body-Slimming Results:

Slim in 6 DVD - Revolutionary Tools for Tracking your Progress:

Plus, 2 Bonus Workouts!

Plus, 3 Free Gifts to Keep!

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Where to buy Slim in 6

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